YOUTUBE: Unidentifed flying object recorded in Lima today

By Hillary Ojeda

The footage of the possible UFO was captured and posted to YouTube today.

YOUTUBE: Unidentifed flying object recorded in Lima today

Congressman Renzo Reggiardo was interrupted by his scared camera man. (Photo: El Comercio)

An unidentified flying object was spotted and recorded in video footage today in Miraflores, after a camera man noticed a purple object floating in the distance.

A UFO or “objetos voladores no identificados” (OVNI) has captured the attention of thousand of Peruvians today, after Congressman Renzo Reggiardo and his film crew captured footage of a purple floating object in the Lima sky today.

The video footage was uploaded by Eduardo Chávez Guerra to YouTube today and has since been viewed more than 2,600 times.

Reggiardo had just begun filming for his program “Alto al crimen” when his camera man got distracted by something floating in the distant sky. They postponed filming a few moments to take a better look at the floating object.

The YouTube clip’s description reads, “[d]uring the recording of the ‘Stop Crime’ program, in the heart of Miraflores, at 10:30 am, was distinguished in the sky a strange hovering object.”

Onlookers in the video shout their wild suggestions and estimations for the UFO and concluded it could not be a plane for the way it was floating.

Take a look:


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