Where have all the blueberries gone?

Agnes Rivera

Abroad, apparently, as 2016 experienced a 140% growth in national blueberry exports.

Where have all the blueberries gone?

(Photo: El Comercio/Mincetur)

Thanks to a global interest in wellness and healthy eating, Peruvian blueberry producers in general seem to have no issue in finding a demand for their product.

Earlier this week Fresh Plaza reported that blueberry shipments abroad garnered Peru US$ 232.9 million, representing a 140% increase from the previous year.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, the top four consumers are the US (US$ 130.7 worth of shipments), Netherlands (US$ 52.7 million), the UK (US$ 29.6 million), and Canada (US$ 4.9 million).

It seems the Dutch are really into fruit salads sourced from Peru, as recently it was reported that the Netherlands is the top importer of Peruvian bananas.

Peruvian blueberries go global

An impressive 15% of the blueberry exports came from small producers, most of whom are concentrated in the La Libertad region of northwestern Peru.

Many of the producers expect 2017 to be more profitable, with their eyes on an opened market in China. Though competition will be great, as the largest blueberry exporters in the world are the US, Spain and Chile.

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