Peru: What areas have been affected by floods? (MAP)

Agnes Rivera

This interactive map will show where in Peru the strong rains and floods have had great impact.

Peru: What areas have been affected by floods? (MAP)

(Capture: Google Maps)

Thousands of citizens across Peru have been affected by floods and heavy rainfall this month, with some areas hit more than once. While the city of Lima can shrug its shoulders at misty weather, provinces in the Lima region like Chosica and Huarochiri are facing their fifth flood this week. Meanwhile, southern Peru’s region of Ica has declared a state of emergency for extreme rainfall. Thousands of families across the country have been displaced, including an estimated 6,500 in Ica.

Due to the seemingly constant report of unfortunate weather conditions, the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI, Spanish acronym) is promoting the use of the interactive map, seen below. The map allows users to see what areas of the nation have been affected as of January 1, 2017, by floods and heavy rainfall. Some of the locations have photos of the weather conditions as well.

While the pinpoints stretch from Pucallpa in the northeast, to southern Peru’s Moquegua, the affected areas are greatly concentrated in the regions of Lima and Ica.

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