Virgilio Martinez: From kitchen to classroom

By Agnes Rivera

The Central Restaurant chef and owner will help jumpstart UPC’s new Gastronomy and Culinary Management career.

Virgilio Martinez: From kitchen to classroom

(Photo: Paola Flores/El Comercio)

Having won Best Restaurant in Latin America in September 2014, it can’t be denied that Lima’s own Central Restaurant is a thriving business. Owner and chef, Virgilio Martinez, has since expanded into the London market with restaurants serving Peruvian dishes, and has embarked on an international campaign alongside other top chefs from Peru promoting the Andean culture and native ingredients.

Martinez, who has successfully combined his passion for the art of cooking with great attention towards the business side, will soon be spending time in the classrooms. Lima’s University of Applied Sciences (UPC) will offer a new program, Gastronomy and Culinary Management, and Martinez will teach select courses.

“Cuisine is growing very fast, as are business models, types of kitchen styles. I think young people, who leave to study, face many difficulties seen in every business,” Martinez told El Comercio. The young chef continued to explain that with his involvement he hopes to provide students with “a global vision, in which they can ultimately see the issue at large, have a multidisciplinary approach and understand a bit more of the reality of the country and difficulties they may face” in the chosen career.

The multisidiscpilenary approach mentioned by Martinez integrates the scientific and technological factors along with the business management skills necessary in making the art of cooking a profession.

According to UPC, the 2015 courses will be offered to small groups of students who will be offered study abroad opportunities. International experts in the culinary field are also expected to visit classrooms throughout the academic year.

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