UNESCO: Machu Picchu improves and leaves 'endangered heritage' list

Hillary Ojeda

A UNESCO mission approved Machu Picchu’s management has improved.

UNESCO: Machu Picchu improves and leaves 'endangered heritage' list

A UNESCO group conducted an inspection last Friday and Saturday. (Photo: Andina)

You have nothing to worry about, you can breathe again. Machu Picchu is no longer on the endangered heritage list of UNESCO.

After an inspection led by UNESCO members last Friday and Saturday at the Historic Sanctuary in Cusco, the group approved progress made at the Inca citadel, according to El Comercio.

To ensure that the progress continues to advance, they will issue a report with the proper steps to preserve the cultural heritage site.

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“There are significant developments and with this they will reduce to a minimum the risk that Machu Picchu enter the list of world heritage in danger,” said César Moreno Triana, director of the advisory mission of UNESCO, reports El Comercio.

The observations demonstrate that the management work developed by the Ministry of Culture, the National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State (Sernanp), the Regional Directorate of Foreign Commerce and Tourism and other government entities has been productive.

Moreno Triana concluded that they will send a report in about 10 days detailing how the Machu Picchu administration can work maintain preservation of the archaeological complex.

They will return to conduct a follow-up in February of 2017 to ensure Machu Picchu continues to follow the preservation framework.

In the meantime, don’t miss your chance and take a trip to the Sacred Valley to experience South America’s most popular tourist destination.

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