Ubinas volcano has erupted

By Hannah Vickers

Ubinas volcano, which became active again in September 2013, has erupted. Residents of the nearby village have been evacuated.

Ubinas volcano has erupted

Referential photo of Ubinas before its eruption (Photo: Andina archives)

After several months of activity, Ubinas volcano has now erupted.

The director of the Geophysical Institute of Arequipa, Orlando Macedo said that the eruption took place at 7:42 a.m. and gave off ash for one thousand meters.

The volcano, in the south of Peru became active in September of last year, after having been dormant for several years. Nearby village, Querapi was set to be evacuated. The village is located just five kilometers from the volcano.

Macedo said that the villagers were affected by the ash that was emitted from the eruption.

In September 2013, when Ubinas became active after several years of dormancy, Peru21 reported that authorities were planning to permanently relocate Querapi. The village is located just four kilometers from the volcano.

“The wind has blown towards the south, to the residents of Querapi, four kilometers from the crater, and the district of Ubinas, located at six kilometers,” said Macedo.

The 20 families that lived in Querapi were evacuated to the locality of Ubinas last Saturday. They are waiting for the permanent removal of their village to Pampas de Hawái.

Ubinas volcano is considered to be the most active volcano of Peru. Eruptions have been reported since 1550.

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