Trujillo: 3 tombs found near Huaca de la Luna

Agnes Rivera

Experts believe the figures belonged to the elite class of the Moche culture around 650 A.C.

Trujillo: 3 tombs found near Huaca de la Luna

It's been a busy month for Huaca de la Luna (Photo: Johnny Aurazo/El Comercio)

In early 2016, archaeologists discovered what would be termed one of the year’s most important findings worldwide: a noblewoman’s tomb in Áspero, along the central coastline of Peru.

Now, less than a year later, three tombs of dignified figures have been found near Trujillo’s Huaca de La Luna. Just west of the archaeological complex is the Uhle platform, where the tombs were found last week.

As reported by El Comercio, the figures are believed to have been either priests or officials around 650 A.C. Excavations have only begun in two of the tombs, in which archaeologists have found bone remains said to belong to a 40-year-old and an 18-year-old, as well as ceramics.

“This is a sacred area, private and purely religious, that would have been used to carry out funeral rituals,” Enrique Zavaleta Paredes, archaeologist responsible for the excavations, told the Peruvian daily.

Just days before the tombs were found, archaeologists uncovered a wall marked with serpents and another with sea demons.

All of the recent findings help to prove the theory of Max Uhle (for whom the platform is named) that the Huaca de la Luna comprises of three important sites, one of which is the Uhle platform.

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