Toxic pesticides accepted in new agricultural legislation

By Hillary Ojeda

Pesticides and GMOs are creeping into Peruvian agriculture.

Toxic pesticides accepted in new agricultural legislation

The recent approved law contradicts protection of the environment and health. (Photo: Andina archives)

Peru is in a battle over removing pesticides and GMOs from its agricultural products. Agricultural and civil society groups want to protect the environment and human health, and the government presses for the continued use of pesticides and GMOs.

Andean Air Mail & Peruvian Times reports from an article published by Servindi that the Ministry of Agriculture has just passed legislation that allows the continued use of two dangerous types of chemical pesticides in Peru.

Specifically, it is still not legal for Peru to import or distribute the chemicals for programs promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture. The problem is, private companies and institutions are exempt.

According to Andean Air Mail, the World Health Organization (WHO) has categorized the two chemicals into 1a and 1b, or “toxic” and “very toxic.”

“The authorization comes in the regulations governing the National System of Pesticides, DS N° 001-2015-MINAGRI. The DAR, an institution for law, environment and natural resources, points out that the law contradicts the purpose of national pesticide regulations, which are stated to “prevent and protect human health and the environment,” reports Andean Air Mail.

The battle with pesticides will prove a long and hard process for Peru as the fight against GMOs entering the agriculture sector has also persisted despite banning them three years ago.

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