Inti Raymi Celebrations are Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Ana Gamero

The traditional festival of the sun will be held next month and preparations are already taking place. Are you going to attend?

Inti Raymi Celebrations are Coming Soon (VIDEO)

(Photo: El Comercio)

Inti Raymi is a feast of the Sun and the Earth (Pacha Mama) that was originally celebrated on June 24, by people living in the remote areas of the Andes. Now, the ceremony has shifted and the celebration is an international gathering for tourists and locals alike.

The Inti Raymi celebrations take place in three different historic venues: Coricancha which means gold siege, Cusco main square and Sacsayhuaman (variable hawk) fortress.

According to the Municipal Company of Festivities in Cusco (Emufec), Coricancha is expected to receive more than 7,000 attendees during the celebration, while Cusco main square is projected to have 5,000 visitors. The biggest and main venue is the Sacsayhuaman fortress where more than 80,000 people are taking part of the festivity.

The festival of the Sun allows the public to learn more about the Inca culture and most importantly offers a unique experience to become part of the Inca’s religious celebrations.

(Video: Visit Peru/ Youtube)

So far, “1,935 seats have been sold”, says the head of Emufec to Andina. There is still time to book your place at this event!

To purchase tickets one can access this link. Tickets prices range from $199-$259 for adults and $109 to $169 for children.

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