Señor de Sipan’s face to be unveiled

Alvaro Tassano

The project was done thanks to the collaboration with Brazil and the University Garcilaso de la Vega

Señor de Sipan’s face to be unveiled

(Photo: Facebook/Andina)

Walter Alva, director and discoverer of the famous tomb of the Lord de Sipan, announced that Brazilian specialists will reveal on Wednesday September 21, the reconstructed face of the ancient mummy, using a technique of 3D forensic anthropology.

The Lord of Sipan (Señor de Sipan) was discovered in 1987, marking an important milestone in the archeology of the American continent because for the first time, a royal tomb from a Pre-Inca civilization with no signs of looting was found.

Alva confirmed the formal presentation of the reconstruction of the face will be headed by the researchers who were in charge of undergoing the tedious facial reconstruction process.

“We’ve worked for about three months and this is a long process made possible by the cooperation between Brazil and the University Garcilaso de la Vega,” he said.

Alva adds that this represents a valuable contribution to our culture, since we will have an accurate representation of a historical figure. “This is a way one for us to get closer to what is historically accurate and to put a face to one of Peru’s first officials.”

The event will be held at the Telefonica Convention Center in Jesus Maria, Lima.

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