Second priest accused of sex abuse in Ayacucho, Peru

By Rachel Chase

Priest Luis Alejandro Bazalar García of Ayacucho allegedly raped a 17-year-old victim.

Second priest accused of sex abuse in Ayacucho, Peru

Salvador Piñeiro (right) and the accused (inset) (Photo: Peru21)

The Catholic Church in Ayacucho has faced another setback in the wake of accusations against priest Luis Alejandro Bazalar García, who has been accused of sexually abusing a young congregant.

According to Peru21, the accusations have split the church in Ayacucho.

Javier Obón, the general vicar of Ayacucho, told Peru21 that the allegations were nothing more than “tall tales” made up by the victim’s family.

However, archbishop of Ayacucho Salvador Piñeiro has openly stated that Bazalar is facing church disciplinary procedures and said that he had already collaborated with the Ayacucho prosecutor’s office on the case as well.

Peru21 reported on Oct. 31 that Bazalar had traveled to Lima on the advice of his lawyer.

The Peruvian Catholic church has been rocked by a number of scandals in recent months. In September, accusations against Gabino Miranda, the now ex-auxiliary bishop of Ayacucho, came to light, claiming that Miranda inappropriately touched a young confessor at his parish. He denied any wrongdoing, but was defrocked and a criminal investigation was initiated.

Then, in October, bishop of Peru’s military ordinariate Guillermo Martín Abanto Guzmán was taken to court on a paternity suit. It was later revealed that he had fathered a daughter with a young woman who he had met through his work in the church.

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