Top restaurants to offer S/ 5 dishes at Mistura

Alvaro Tassano

Central, IK Restaurante, and Once Once Peruvian Bistro are just some of the top 5 fork restaurants that will offer their dishes during this year’s Mistura.

Top restaurants to offer S/ 5 dishes at Mistura

(Photo: Facebook)

This year’s version of Mistura will include, as a novelty, the opportunity try the dishes of some of Peru’s most renowned chefs just for 5 soles.

Today the president of the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (Apega), Bernardo Roca Rey, made the announcement the new promotion will be called ‘5×5’ alluding to the price of the dishes and the 5 fork ranking of each of the participating restaurants.

He added that the chefs will be present throughout the event that will be held from September 2nd till the 11th in the district of Magdalena del Mar.

Roca Rey said the public will be able to enjoy dishes prepared by Virgilio Martinez of Central restaurant; Flavio Solorzano from Señorio de Sulco; Diego Gutierrez of IK Restaurant; Diego Munoz of Once Once Peruavian Bistrot; Paul Perea of Salamanto of Arequipa; and the nikkei cuisine restaurant Maido, from Mitsuharu Tsumura, among others.

Attendees will also be able to enjoy the creations of the top chefs from the different parts of the country, such as Richard Flores from Puno; Paul Uchuya from Huanuco; Pellane Paola of San Martin; and Moses Cerf from Cusco.

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