Record number of travelers visited Peru's Lambayeque region in 2013

Via Andina

Lambayeque’s archaeological marvels bring visitors from Peru and abroad to the northern region.

Record number of travelers visited Peru's Lambayeque region in 2013

The Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum. (Photo: Andina/Silvia Depaz)

Peru’s northern Lambayeque region attracted a record-breaking 752,232 domestic and foreign visitors in 2013, becoming one of the highest tourist spots in the Andean nation, it was reported Tuesday.

Vanessa Castañeda, head of the regional office for tourism and handicraft, stated that during the reported period the number of visitors increased by 7.69% compared to a year earlier.

According to the report, Peruvian citizens constituted the majority of visitors to the coastal region with 687,960, while 37,272 came from overseas.

Likewise, the official highlighted that the most visited places by tourists continued to be the traditional circuit of unique museums which include the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, Huaca Rajada-Sipan Museum, the Bruning museum, the Sican National Museum, and the on-site museums of Chotuna Chornancap and Tucume.

Furthermore, the regional office has worked throughout the last year to put the foucus on Lambayeque’s ecological tourism by promoting the Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary and the 34000-hectare private reserve of Chaparri.

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