PPK participated in inaugural ceremonies for Mistura

Alvaro Tassano

The president took advantage of the spotlight to promote sustainable fishing and the malnutrition problem in Peru’s young population.

PPK participated in inaugural ceremonies for Mistura

(Photo: Peru21)

President Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki (PPK), attended the opening ceremonies of the ninth edition of the gastronomic fair Mistura, accompanied by some of his ministers, on the Costa Verde in the district of Magdalena del Mar.

The head of his cabinet, Fernando Zavala, arrived first acompanied by the Minister of Social Development and Inclusion, Cayetana Aljovín.

Shortly before noon, the president arrived and participated in the inauguration of the event -after a brief introduction from Bernardo Roca Rey, president of Apega (organizer of Mistura).

PPK said this year Mistura hopes to reach two goals: break the attendance record, soaring over half a million visitors, and promoting healthy foods.

“The kitchen is not just for making fried eggs and noodles, as I do in my kitchen on Saturdays and Sundays. It is to think about the harmony that tastes mean. It’s like music. There are all kinds of varieties and each generates a special treat. That’s why gastronomy is not just a cultural phenomenon, it is a phenomenon of diversity.”

The president took time also to highlight two very important things:

“We have abused the sea, our greatest resource. We need to do a better job controlling and promoting alternative sources of fish, through fish farming and not abusing the sea. Second, we have to be aware that in Peru there are hundreds of thousands of malnourished children and millions who have anemia.”

Finally, PPK said that if Peru wants to be a first world country in a few years, the first thing it needs to do is fight malnutrition in its young population.

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