Polio victims' families agree to S/. 1 million settlement

by Diego M. Ortiz

Last child infected with polio lost his battle with the disease over the weekend.

Polio victims' families agree to S/. 1 million settlement

The seven families of the children who contracted polio after being vaccinated in Ministry of Health (MINSA) hospitals between 2003 and this year, accepted an offer of S/. 994.420 as compensation for the harm caused to the minors, El Comercio reported.

According to El Comercio, Mario Rios, lawyer for the families, says that Minsa sent letters to the parents of seven children on July 23 making it clear that the almost one million soles for damages was the final offer that the ministry was willing to give. This came after the families had refused an offer made in June that was around S/.300.000.

“The process has been long and tiring,” the lawyer said. “For this reason, the families responded the letters and accepted the proposal. They wanted to avoid a judicial process that would have taken between three and four years.”

Parents now are waiting for a final meeting with Minsa. In this meeting the parents will ask for the implementation of a new comprehensive program to rehabilitate their children. According to the parents, some of the infected children are receiving assistance but they want better treatment.

Last Sunday, the last child who was infected with polio, the son of Leydy Yupanqui, lost his battle with the disease and died in hospital in La Victoria.

“For the other six families, the greatest concern of the parents is not compensation, but to ensure appropriate and ongoing treatment to help their children recover,” Edson Aguilar, representative of the group Peru Zero Polio, told El Comercio.

Cecilia Barbieri, an advocate for health and transparency at Minsa, pointed out that the offer guarantees rehabilitation therapy and medical care for children.

“These services will be on a permanent basis,” she said.

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