Police seize almost $4 million of counterfeit bills

By Rachel Chase

False bills worth US$3,707,000 and €450,000 found in hostel in the Lima district of Comas.

Police seize almost $4 million of counterfeit bills

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The production of counterfeit money continues to be a concern for both Peruvian and international legal authorities. However, a well-planned police operation in Lima was able to result in both the seizure of a large amount of counterfeit bills and the arrest of one forger.

The operation took place in a rented room in a hostel in Conas. According to the Latin American Herald Times, Coronel Segundo Portocarrero told press that “This kind of work is being done in temporarily rented locations, for example for 15 days or two months […] to print the false bills.”

Coronel Portocarrero also highlighted the sophistication of the operation, reports The Global Post.

According to El Comercio, counterfeiters traffic the false money through methods similar to those used by drug traffickers. El Comercio reports that suitcases with false bottoms are in common use for transporting counterfeited money, as well as human traffickers who wear the bills on their bodies.

Peru21 reports that the suspect, Peruvian citizen Pablo Sierra Gómez, was arrested. According to Peru21, the bust took place shortly before Sierra Gómez was planning to send the money to the United States.

In September, the United States Secret Service reported that Peru is now the world’s number one producer of counterfeit dollars.

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