Peruvians to protest against corruption

Ana Gamero

Marcha contra la corrupción is scheduled to take place this Thursday, February 16 at 6 p.m. Will you be there?

Peruvians to protest against corruption

(Photo: El Comercio)

A protest has sprung amid deepening political corruption cases that involve the Brazilian company, Odebrecht, Lava Jato and Peruvian politicians.

The political movement “Nuevo Perú”, led by ex presidential candidate Veronika Mendoza, has initiated a large protest called “Gran marcha contra la corrupción” (March against corruption). Besides Mendoza’s participation, the CGTP (General Confederation of Peruvian Workers) and the movement “No a Keiko” also announced they would join this Thursday’s protest.

There is a Facebook event that gives details of the protest called Marcha contra la Corrupción #16F. According to the event page, it will take place this February 16 and it will start in Plaza 2 de Mayo at 6 p.m. From the plaza it will continue through Av. Alfonso Ugarte, Plaza Bolognesi, Plaza Grau and it will finish at Palacio de Justicia (Justice Palace).

This movement would aim to put an end to an ongoing trial of the main Peruvian politicians involved in the Odebrecht scandal. Alejandro Toledo, party leader of Peru Posible. Additionally, the protest aims to remove Albrecht from his current position as a legislator from Fuerza Popular (Congress’ majority opposition party). He has been appointed to preside over the Parliament committee that will investigate Odebrecht’s bribes, even though he is not considered an impartial politician as he is currently involved in the Lava Jato corruption scandal as well.

The protest urges citizens to take conscience of the corruption cases in Peru, to show the citizens’ anger against the government’s poor management, and to appeal for some political change.

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