Peruvian fans shout racist insults at black Brazilian soccer player

By Rachel Chase

Fans of Cusco’s Real Garcilaso made monkey noises whenever opposing player Tinga was in possession of the ball.

Peruvian fans shout racist insults at black Brazilian soccer player

Cruzeiro player Tinga. (Photo: AP/El Comercio)

Peruvian fans of Cusco’s Real Garcilaso have touted their 2-1 win over Brazil’s Cruzeiro in the ongoing Copa Libertadores tournament as historic, but international press is focusing on the game for reasons other than stellar gameplay.

According to Soccerly, Brazilian player Paulo César Fonseca do Nascimiento (better known as Tinga) was subjected to racist abuse at the game against Real Garcilaso in Huancayo. Tinga is black.

Soccerly reports that Real Garcilaso fans made monkey noises every time Tinga came in contact with the ball.

After the match, Tinga told press “I played in Germany and this never happened to me. Now it happens in a country similar to ours. Filled with diversity.”

The veteran player added “I would trade all the titles I’ve won in order to win the fight against inequality.”

The South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL) tweeted that the incident would be “handle this situation and any pertinent sanctions.”

CONMEBOL wasn’t the only authority to comment on the situation— Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff also responded to the incident on Twitter, saying “The racism against Cruzeiro’s Tinga in yesterday’s game in Peru was lamentable.” Rousseff also promised that the upcoming World Cup tournament in Brazil would be a “Cup against Racism.”

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