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Peruvian runner Ines Melchor wins half-marathon in Colombia


Melchor won another gold medal after a string of victories in Brazil.

Peruvian runner Ines Melchor wins half-marathon in Colombia

(Photo: Andina/Jack Ramon)

The Peruvian long-distance runner Ines Melchor achieved the gold-medal performance in the women’s category of the Palmira Half-Marathon competition in Colombia.

The 28-year-old athlete claimed three gold medals in the athletic events of recently-held Ibero-American Championship in Athletics in Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I am pleased with the result in the 21-km distance. I do the best I can for making the Peruvian athletics grows,” the sportswoman from Peru’s southern Huancavelica region told reporters.

Furthermore, she revealed that her next target is to grab a medal at the next edition of the Pan American Games, due to be held in Canada in July, 2015.

“The goal is to achieve a standard position to qualify for the Pan American Games,” Melchor said in a interview with RPP radio.

Melchor is being trained under the Andean nation’s most prominent athletic program which is developed by the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD) which aims to prepare highly competitive teams for the 2016 Olympic Games.

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