Peruvian police sanctioned for corrupt acts

by Emily Culver

In a period of only six months, 3,118 police have been found guilty of corruption

Peruvian police sanctioned for corrupt acts

Minister of the Interior, Wilfredo Pedrazo spoke out agains police corruption (Photo by El Comercio)

The police force is supposed to protect the citizens of a country and provide security. In the case of Peru, many have been found to be involved in cases of corruption and negligence in their jobs. In fact, in a period of only six months (from January to June 2013) 3,118 policemen have been sanctioned, reports La República.
The Police Disciplinary Law was passed in December 2012 to help eradicate such behaviors as drug trafficking, accepting bribes, kidnapping and robbery that occur amongst the police forces. Officials hope that this new law will help them clean the police force out once and for all.

The level of corruption amongst police officers is truly alarming. The Minister of the Interior, Wilfredo Pedraza, reported that 2,200 have been sanctioned for misconduct, 611 for grave misconduct and 307 for extreme misconduct, according to La República.

One of the most talked about cases was a police officer, Victor Raúl Flores, who was found receiving a bribe of 200 soles while he was outside the police station in San Juan de Miraflores. Once found, he attempted to eat the money to avoid sanctions. He was taken away by officers specializing in wiping out corruption.

Most of the cases of corrupt police officers begin with other members of the force who are tired of the corruption and want to participate in the process of bringing back dignity to the Peruvian police force, and therefore report on their partners.

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