Peru to host Mistura 2014 Sept. 5 - 14

By Hannah Vickers

Get your palates ready for another serving of Mistura, South America’s biggest food festival!

Peru to host Mistura 2014 Sept. 5 - 14

(Photo: Apega archives)

The Peruvian Gastronomy Association (Apega) has announced that Mistura will be opening its doors for the seventh time September 5 to 14, 2014, reports Andina.

Mistura is the largest food festival in South America, with more than half a million people expected to attend this year’s addition. More than 350,000 came to last year’s Mistura, many foreign tourists traveling to Peru for the explicit aim of visiting the famous food festival.

Apega is hoping that over 25,000 foreign tourists will attend the festival, which will be held on the Costa Verde of Magdalena del Mar for the second year running.

Mistura was established in 2007 by Apega to promote Peruvian cuisine in Peru and on the international stage. It’s grown over the years and now is like a small town, with representatives from restaurants all over Peru spread over a huge space. Once a year, Lima becomes THE place to be for foodies from all over the world. Dishes from the jungle, the mountains, and the coast are available, as well as fusion cuisine and all kinds of innovations. If it exists and it’s edible, you can find it at Mistura.

But Mistura is about more than just eating (enjoyable as that activity is). There are art and photography exhibitions, live cookery demonstrations, award ceremonies… And more. Last year, there was even an aquarium! Watch this space to find out what this year’s Mistura will have to offer!

CORRECTION: Mistura 2014 is running Sept. 5-14, not 5-11 as previousy mentioned.

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