Peru: State of emergency for areas affected by earthquake

By Rachel Chase

Government will make official declaration soon.

Peru: State of emergency for areas affected by earthquake

(Photo: Andina/Jack Ramón)

Juan Jiménez, president of the cabinet of ministers, visited Arequipa today in order to evaluate the damage caused by yesterday’s magnitude 7 earthquake.

According to Andina, the government will declare a state of emergency for the provinces of Caravelí in Arequipa and Lucanas in Ayacucho, the two areas that have been most severely affected by the earthquake. The state of emergency will last for 60 days.

Jiménez told press that the official declaration of emergency will help authorities to move forward with relief efforts quickly and efficiently. Andina reports that officials are saying that though the situation is “under control,” it is vital that help be provided to earthquake victims soon.

As of today, only three deaths have been reported. However, Andina reports that there are 300 families total whose homes have been seriously affected as a result of the earthquake. Multiple reports also cite severe damage to schools in the región, with as many as 30 being made unusable by the quake.

El Comercio reports that the relatively minor damage to the Panamerican Highway will be
repaired within a month. According to El Comercio, some locals were concerned that relief would not arrive because of the damage to the roads.

The earthquake took place at 11:42 yesterday morning; its epicenter was off the southern coast of Peru. Effects were felt as far south as Chile and as far north as Lima, which was more than 500 kilometers away from the site of the quake.

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