Peru to send bread bakers to contest in Germany

Hillary Ojeda

Who are Peru’s bread masters?

Peru to send bread bakers to contest in Germany

Peruvians will participate in the iba-UIBC-CUP "Bakers" in Munich, Germany. (Photo: Andina/Vidal Tarqui)

Peru’s exporting just about anything these days from cherimoya to avocado to coffee, and bread bakers?

For the first time Peru is sending a team of master bread bakers to represent the South American country at the iba-UIBC-CUP “Bakers” in Munich, Germany.

The event is being organized under the framework of the IBA 2015, the world’s largest trade fair for baked goods, confectionery and snacks.

Peruvians Hector Urrunaga, Roger Aponte and trainer Carlos Huarcaya, will be the only team traveling from Latin America and competing in the contest. There they will compete against the Netherlands, USA, China, Spain, Japan, Croatia, France, Russia, Denmark and Germany.

They will be tested in categories including crunchy bread, snacks, puff pastry bread and artistic piece.

This year the activities will be organized under the theme of “Circus.” To gain votes and charm judges, the Peruvian bread masters will bake creations mixing Circus themes with Andean style.

They will compete from Sept. 12-14 in Munich at the fair where traditional Peruvian products will be on display. Products such as quinoa, kiwicha, cañihua and other traditional fruits like lucuma, elderberry and Peruvian groundcherry will be showcased along with the bread master’s baked goods.

Today the Association of Panaderia and Pasteleria Businesses (ASPAN, Spanish acronym) presented the bread masters with the help of the Centro de la Amistad Peruano Chino. The three Peruvian bakers were presented at the Centro on the Avenida de la Peruanidad, on the corner of Los Mogaburos in Jesus Maria.

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