Peru loses 3-2 to Venezuelan soccer team

By Rachel Chase

Loss kills Peru’s World Cup hopes.

Peru loses 3-2 to Venezuelan soccer team

(Photo: El Comercio/Reuters)

Peruvian soccer fans said a decisive goodbye to their World Cup hopes last night, after their national team was defeated by Venezuela.

As a result of the loss, Peru remains in seventh place in the South American World Cup rankings. El Comercio reports that qualifying for Brazil 2014 is now completely out of the question for the Peruvian national team, even though they still have two games to play as part of the tournament.

Out of 14 total games played by the Peruvian team in the World Cup classifying tournament, the blanquirroja has tied in two and won only four. Eight games were losses.

Some, including coach Sergio Markarián, have lamented the fact that the Peruvian team usually played poorly at matches outside of Peru. “It was really disappointing. We had some good moments, we generally played well at home games, but as visitors we were at a great deficit.”

Others blame Markarián himself for the team’s failure to qualify. El Comercio also writes that Peru’s defensive maneuvers during the game were disorganized and inadequate. Markarián will leave his post as coach after the last eliminatory game of the qualifying tournament, which Peru will play against Bolivia on Oct. 15 in Lima.

Team captain Claudio Pizarro has also said that he feels it is extremely unlikely that he would play in another World Cup qualifying tournament

Markarián told press after the game that “Sadly, the dream is over.”



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