Peru: Gov't allocates US$ 512 million to VRAEM development

By Hillary Ojeda

The budget will be dedicated to health, education, and agriculture sectors, among others the the VRAEM.

Peru: Gov't allocates US$ 512 million to VRAEM development

The region is heavy with terrorism and poverty. (Photo: Andina/Cortesía)

The Peruvian government is allocating US$ 512 million to projects aimed at developing the VRAEM region, according to Andina news agency.

As the authorities continue to track down narco traffickers, Shining Path members, and as well tackle the issue of poverty in the VRAEM, the government continues to create funds to develop the region and its local citizens.

The VRAEM is the valley formed by the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro Rivers. It is considered the largest coca leaf and cocaine producing region in the world, and as well is a law-less area with many narco-traffickers and Shining Path members roaming the region. But at the same time, there are local citizens who maintain their coffee, cocoa, and coca plantations to feed and clothe their children.

The government is setting aside this budget to the development of projects in the sectors of health, education, agriculture and security to help these local citizens.

“80% of this budget has been set aside for the health, education and agriculture sectors, and the 20% for security-related affairs,” Luis Rojas, the Technical Secretary of Codevraem, told Andina news agency.

Codevraem is a multisectoral Commission for Reaching Peace and Social Economic Development in the VRAEM.

In addition to the allocation of this budget, Rojas informed Andina of the continued efforts to convert coca into alternative crops such as cocoa and coffee.

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