Peru: Economy to have grown more than 4% in April

Hillary Ojeda

The Ministry of the Economy and Finances estimates April’s GDP to have grown above 4%.

Peru: Economy to have grown more than 4% in April

Minister of Economy and Finances, Alonso Segura. (Photo: Andina/Norman Córdova)

The Peruvian Ministry of the Economy and Finances (MEF) estimates that in April, Peru’s economy would have grown more than 4%, according to Andina news agency.

Minister of MEF Alonso Segura calculates that the gross domestic product for the month of April improved vastly compared to the first quarter of 2015 to more than 4%.

“I said that the economy is in the recovery phase, in the month of March it grew 2.7% and in the month of April it is expected to be closer to 4% or above,” said Segura.

As major Peruvian industries such as mining, fishing, and manufacturing suffered last year and into the beginning of 2015, the economy has begun to hit a recovery phase as of March and April.

“It is about building long-term, but at this stage of recovery it has to stabilize and recover, this represents 80% of the economy and these measures will just strengthen the channels for family consumption, investment channels and finally to shore up expectations,” he told RPP Noticias.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, the country’s biodiversity and resources are integral to maintaining a long-term upward curve. The Ministry estimates that 22% of the economy is directly tied to maintaining a healthy biodiverse environment, if not more.

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