Peru and Mexico sign agreement to combat poverty

Phillip Orange

Peru and Mexico hope that the new agreement will reduce poverty in both countries and develop social programs that will benefit all.

Peru and Mexico sign agreement to combat poverty

The agreement was signed this week and will last for four years. (Photo:Andina)

Peru and Mexico have come to an agreement which will allow both countries to cooperate in the fight against poverty and the development of social inclusion for the people at most risk. Both The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) of Peru and the Ministry of Social Development of Mexico (SEDESOL) both signed the agreement this week.

The agreement was signed during the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and both parties agreed that the both countries will assist each other through the exchange of experiences, knowledge and best practices in social development, technical assistance in the design and implementation of social programs, workshops and video conferences.

The focus of the agreement is the development of social programs aimed at overcoming poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Emphasis was made by both parties on the issues of child malnutrition and that the necessary actions would involve actions that will focus on food security and early childhood development. .

Not only were the issues of the very young discussed the needs of the elderly especially in the areas of social protection where economic, health and other issues need to be addressed.

The agreement came into effect as soon as both parties signed this agreement will last for 4 years and costs will be covered by both parties. The agreement can be renewed upon evaluation of performance and efficiency.





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