Peru 6: family has ‘new evidence’

by Diego M. Ortiz

Rodriguez’s family was given permission to visit the hotel for the first time.

Peru 6: family has ‘new evidence’

(Photo: Facebook)

The family of the Peruvian doorman, who died after falling from a height of 15 stories in a hotel in Miraflores, says they have evidence to prove that he didn’t commit suicide.

According to the family, the six Australians known in the international press as the “Peru 6” are responsible for Lino Rodriguez Vilchez’s death. They claim that the group of foreigners pushed Rodriguez out of an apartment window after a dispute arising from a noise complaint.

The Australians hired a United Nations forensic expert to investigate the case. He determined that it “wasn´t physically possible” for them to be involved.

But this week, Rodriguez’s family was given permission to visit the hotel for the first time, and they brought with them Dr. Jose Carlos Chambi, a ballistics and crime scene expert.

“We could say that it’s a crime and when I say it’s a crime. I mean there has been a participation of someone behind it,’‘ Dr Chambi told reporters.

Chambi, and a criminal lawyer, assessed marks they claim are to have been caused by Rodriguez´s shoes on the outside of the wall underneath the window.

The Rodriguez family says they are planning an international press conference at which their legal team will present evidence that Lino’s death was not a suicide.

The six Australians maintain their innocence and have agreed to give their statements over video feed from Australia. The family hopes that the new evidence will lead to warrants and the group’s extradition back to Lima for further questioning.

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