Paracas generates nearly US$3 million

Hope Ansanelli

During last week’s Holy Week (Semana Santa) the Ica Region of Paracas may have generated close to US$3 million in tourism services.

Paracas generates nearly US$3 million

(Photo: Hope Ansanelli)

Have a nice Semana Santa? Did you travel to the Ica región of Paracas by chance?

During this past 2017 Holy Week, the Paracas beach community saw a major spike in hotel and tourism services. The area earned an estimated US$3 million in sales, a 5% increase from the previous year according to Andina news agency.

If you have visited Paracas before you may be familiar with the site of less than half occupied hotels, but this Holy Week, hotels reached their capacity, filling 3,000 rooms. It is reported that on Good Friday, over 60,000 people flowed into the area to enjoy the delicious seafood, natural reserve parks, sand dunes and beaches.

It is never too late to visit Paracas, as it is gorgeous throughout the year and located only 4 hours from Lima (km 245 Panamericana Sur Highway).

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