Los Olivos: ancient discovery revisited

Alvaro Tassano

Archaeologist Luis Angel Flores Blanco, clarified a few inaccuracies that were originally reported when the discovery was first announced.

Los Olivos: ancient discovery revisited

(Photo: Luis Angel Flores Blanco)

Las week we reported on a discovery in Lima’s northern district of Los Olivos, where a team of researchers led by archaeologist Luis Angel Flores Blanco, uncovered ancient remains bundled up in a funerary blanket.

Since then, Luis Angel reached out to us to clarify a few facts that were inaccurate when the story was first reported.

Ancient remains found in Los Olivos

The researcher explained that: “the discovered architectural features [show] that it was a settlement with at least two pyramidal mounds and a long and continuous occupation [of its residents]. We can tentatively say that the site [was constructed] 4000 years ago. [During] the final days of its occupation (3000 BP approximately) a camelid was offered on the top mound of the structure”

The researcher went on to say that this discovery in the Pacific hill is of great importance because it can shed light on the pre-Incan civilizations in the valleys of Lima.

It is also a remarkable finding because of the hillside location, which gave it a great vantage point overlooking the valleys of Chillon and Rimac, making the site of incredible importance to the ancient civilization that once called it home.

Carbon dating results are still pending to determine the exact age of the remains

(Photo:Luis Angel Flores Blanco)

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