Nordic companies look to increase investment in Peru

By Rachel Chase

Investment from Nordic countries in Peru could rise by as much as 50% in coming years.

Nordic companies look to increase investment in Peru

(Photo: Hansjorn/Wikimedia Commons)

According to the Nordic-Peruvian Chamber, Peruvian businesses should ready themselves for a new wave in Nordic investment in the country.

Andina news agency reports that Nordic investment in Peru currently represents a total of about US$1 billion.

Raúl Alta-Torre of the Nordic-Peruvian Chamber told Andina that “In the last five years, investment from the Nordic nations has undergone sustained growth. Some business people came to the country at the height of the crisis in Europe and stayed because of the stability that Peru offers.”

According to Andina, there are currently around 50 different companies from Nordic nations that have establishments in Peru. Among this number are Nokia, Volvo, and APM Terminals. Andina writes that Nordic companies are involved a number of different areas of Peruvian industry, including mining, fishing, agriculture, energy, and infrastructure.

Alta-Torre told Andina “The prediction is that companies from Nordic companies are going to multiply their presence here, as Peru has positioned itself as an important investment destination.”

Andina reports that Alta-Torre cited the case of Kanfer Power, a Norwegian energy company, has expressed interest in investing in Peruvian natural gas companies.

The regional group of nations referred to as “Nordic” includes Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland.

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