New Petroperú oil spill reported in Cajamarca

Hillary Ojeda

This is the third Petroperú spill to occur this year in the Amazon.

New Petroperú oil spill reported in Cajamarca

The spill occurred in Jaén, Cajamarca. (Photo: El Comercio/Radio Marañón)

Yesterday the Ministry of Health declared a water quality emergency after two oil spills in the Amazonas and Loreto regions of Peru have contaminated water resources for local populations.

Their resolution was declared before the media reported of a third spill that is said to have occurred Wednesday, Feb. 17, in Jaén, Cajamarca.

A third Petroperú spill has been reported by local Radio Marañón, who claim it occurred at the height of the 112 km of Fernando Belaunde Terry road in the route to Olmos of the Northern Peruvian Pipeline, according to El Comercio.

OEFA orders Petroperú to take corrective action after spill in the Amazon

The local radio station claim the rupture is located 50 meters from the Huancabamba River where there are at least three pools of oil fenced off by the company who are working at the clean-up.

The firm has been fined the highest penalty (S/. 12,640,000) for failing to have the adequate facilities to maintain the pipeline after having recorded two breaches prior the third.

The first two incidents this year by the state oil firm also registered at the Northern Peruvian Pipeline. The first occurred on Jan. 25 in the Bagua province of Amazonas, while the second occurred at the same pipeline on Feb. 3, at the Datem del Marañon province in Loreto.

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