Nadine Heredia: "Apra and Fujimori parties have ties with drug trafficking"

Hillary Ojeda

First Lady Nadine Heredia claims opposing parties have ties with drug trafficking.

Nadine Heredia: "Apra and Fujimori parties have ties with drug trafficking"

First Lady Nadine Heredia. (Photo: Twitter/@Politica_ECpe)

“The two main parties that are being presented to the (presidential) elections, I am referring to APRA and the Fujimori parties, have and have had links to drug trafficking,” said the Peruvian First Lady, Nadine Heredia, reports El Comercio.

Nadine Heredia said this today, after claiming yesterday that the Aprista party under former president Alan Garcia, was behind the dissemination of journals that present incriminating evidence against the First Lady.

She spoke against the two parties this afternoon, claiming they have ties with drug trafficking and should stay out of the allegations against her.

The two political parties are the biggest opposing parties of the First Lady and President Ollanta Humala (Nationalist Party).

She emphasized that their ties with drug trafficking are being overlooked as the media is focusing on the four journals that present personal information against the First Lady.

“Here there is an issue that is being overlooked and is the subject of drug trafficking in politics, especially in the political parties that will participate in national elections,” she said, reports El Comercio.

The journals contain names, nicknames, initials, large sums of money, personal information regarding the family, furniture and clothing. Former congressman Álvaro Gutiérrez presented the evidence and claims that two Italian handwriting specialists have affirmed the notebooks belong to the First Lady.

The journals describe details of the movement of large sums of money, some reaching up to US$ 6 million, according to

Nadine Heredia denies the authenticity of the journals.

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