Municipality of Lima to stop guarding Huacas

Alex Mann

See how and why the municipality of Lima is choosing to revoke their protective responsibilities for some of Limas most historic features.

Municipality of Lima to stop guarding Huacas

(Photo: Dante Piaggio / El Comercio)

The Municipality of Lima has passed off the responsibility of protecting ancient “Huacas.”

According to article 88 of the Organic Law of Municipalities its up to local governments to protect and conserve monuments in their respective jurisdictions.

Per El Comercio, Natalia Guzmán, managing director of the Ministry of Culture (MC), says, “We are going to take care of monitoring the sites, as they [Municipality of Lima] will only do it until April.”

The Palomino, Corpus I, Corpus II y Culebras huacas were all under Lima’s care, but only the first two had guards protecting them.

Since May, the Corpus I and Palomino huacas have been under the watch of the Ministry of Culture, while the Municipality of Lima is only responsible for cleaning and maintenance.

Per El Comercio, Julio César Castiglioni, expert municipality issues lawyer, says that the Municipality of Lima is failing to adhere to its responsibilities and they can be sanctioned for abuse of authority.

Many are confused as to why the municipality is continuing to support through maintenance and cleaning, but have revoked their guard forces.

According to El Comercio, Vanessa Caro, deputy manager of cultural heritage of Lima, claims that the Municipality is cancelling its protective services because there is no legal documentation that requires them to assume said responsibility.

In the central areas of Lima there are only 10 small monuments that remain from the era of 900-1400 B.C. Some of these monuments were cleaned up, gated, and lighted in the past, but have now been left to deteriorate – when the lights burn out and the city doesn’t replace them it creates a dark, secluded area for criminal activity.

Many of Lima’s historic monuments are being forgotten by the city, and only time will tell how much longer they can survive the neglect.

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