500 New Trees Planted in Lima

Mike Dreckschmdit

“Plant a Tree, Plant a Life” program seeks to plant 1,000,000 new trees by 2018.

500 New Trees Planted in Lima

(Photo: Fuerza Area Del Peru/Facebook)

Yesterday in Villa El Salvador, one of Lima’s largest districts located in the southern part of the metropolitan area, 500 new trees were planted as part of a citywide initiative to increase green spaces throughout the city. Neighborhood leaders and local community members participated in the event.

Lima is the second most populated city in the world located in a desert ecoregion, only surpassed by Cairo. Many areas of the city lack green spaces and many of the green spaces that do exist are not adequately cared for. This program, known as “Planta un Árbol, Nace Una Vida” (“Plant a Tree, Plant a Life”), seeks to generate greater conscience towards the environment as well as provide benefits that these spaces can provide: cleaner air, temperature regulation, recharged aquifers, and improved aesthetic.

To date, this program has planted more than 350,000 trees in various districts of Lima with the goal of 1,000,000 planted by 2018. Helped along by a number of concerned organizations and citizens who are committed to environmental causes here in many districts of Lima, the program is well on the way to achieving its goal.

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