Mistura to expand to other countries

Alvaro Tassano

Chile, Argentina, Colombia and the USA are some of the targeted destinations for next year.

Mistura to expand to other countries

(Photo: El Comercio)

Next year the gastronomic fair Mistura could be held in Santiago (Chile), Cordova (Argentina), Bogota (Colombia), Miami, and New York (United States), as part of their efforts to conquer the international market.

The president of Apega, Bernardo Roca Rey, said that the process to internationalize the brand Mistura will first consider those markets where Peruvian immigrants are more prevalent.

“All countries that concentrate a significant number of Peruvians are points of interest in our expansion plans.”

Roca Rey participated the previous day in the opening ceremony for the fair’s ninth edition with President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

“It is expected that this new edition will break the previous attendance records. For this year we project a total of 500,000 visitors, last year we reached 400,000,” Roca Rey mentioned.

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