Mistura: price of tickets, dishes and beverages

Alvaro Tassano

Find out the full list of prices behind Latin America’s biggest food fair

Mistura: price of tickets, dishes and beverages

(Photo: Facebook/Andina)

The last preparations are set and stoves are on, signaling the start of the Latin America’s largest food fair and many of the pre-sale discounted tickets are already sold out.

Currently, ticket prices are S/. 17 soles for adults and 9 children soles for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, ticket price for adults is 22 soles and for children 11 soles.

Those wishing to purchase tickets for companies can write to mail

This year, the price is 14 soles for full portions and 8 soles for half.

Soft drinks, water, juices or emolientes, vary in price between 4 and 6 soles.

This year will have the so called “5×5” promotion, consisting in offering servings of S/.5 soles from famed 5 fork restaurants.

This promotion will be offered at the Grand Market and will consist of dishes such as quinoa burger, quinoa bean salad, pumpkin ravioli.

Among the participating 5 fork restaurants will be the Central, Maido, 1087 Bistro, 1111 Bistro and Peruvian Manifesto, among others.

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