Mistura opens doors for young chefs

Flor Bojorquez

This yearly food festival hosts competitions that help young people find success in the food business.

Mistura opens doors for young chefs

(Photo: Andina)

The famed yearly food festival held in Peru, Mistura, brings with it a number of budding chefs and talented, young cooks hoping to make a break into the Peruvian cuisine scene.

In 2014 and 2015, two chefs, Jhonatan Bueno Larrazabal and Jorge Acuna Artica, were awarded the titles Young Chef and Young Confectioner where they had joined a cooking contest at the Mistura festival.

Since then, their lives have seen a drastic change in their careers. “After the contest I made a huge professional development. Mistura helped me find more opportunities and, above all, to show what I know,” Bueno tells Andina.

His talent has taken him to new heights and he now works as executive chef of Gourmet Cafe Ciabatta Pastry, Pier 41, and Mikka, a restaurant specializing in nikkei food.

Acuña’s passion for desserts and pastries got him a job at the restaurant Totora in Dubai, recently nominated for the BBC Good Food Awards 2016, says that after winning the Young Confectioner award, the job offers started rolling in.

Another person who has joined the young, talented chef roster is Arequipeño Diego Gutierrez Martinez. He won the Young Chef 2015 and participated in the San Pellegrino Young Chef 2016 held in Milan, Paris.

“After studying cooking in Arequipa and Le Cordon Bleu, I gained important experiences in restaurants in Lima and the United States. I decided to compete in Mistura to challenge myself,” says the now head of research areas and kitchen of the IK Restaurant in Lima.

With the success following their participation in the contests, these 3 young chefs challenge young people to demonstrate their talent and join in the Mistura competition that can help open doors for better opportunities and success.

If you’d like to join Mistura you can go to their webpage:

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