Mistura 2016: everything you need to know

Alex Mann

Find out how Mistura is changing things up this year.

Mistura 2016: everything you need to know

(Photo: Apega/El Comercio)

The 9th edition of Mistura is just months away and the Peruvian Gastronomic Society (Apega) is excited to bring a new flavor to the event this year.

Mistura, considered to be the largest food fair in all of Latin America, will be mixing things up this year.

Apega has announced via their Facebook page that this year’s fair will feature an international pavilion of ancient cuisines, a brand new chocolate and cacao lounge, and a Guiso chef competition that will select the best chefs from Huacho, Huaral, and Barranca.

The culinary direction of the fair falls squarely on the shoulders of young chef Palmiro Ocampo – a well-known chef, widely recognized for his work promoting sustainable cuisine.

Ocampo is the chef at 1087 Bistro and has represented Peru at many international competitions.

To spice things up this year, Ocampo has gathered a diverse team of young chefs from various disciplines.

Hajime Kasuga and Andrés Ugaz are tasked with selecting the best culinary talent from around the country.

Apega also values their followers’ suggestions, so they reached out through Facebook to find out what changes their food-loving audience wanted this year.

Per Facebook, Mistura fans wanted a greater diversity of exhibitors, larger spaces, and better organization to avoid long lines.

Mistura 2016 will take place at the Costa Verde de Magdalena from September 2 through 11.

Show up hungry and ready to explore some new and ancient culinary trends.

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