US$ 57 Million Agriculture Program to Reduce Rural Poverty by Half in Peru

Translated by Mike Dreckschmidt

The Ministry of Agriculture is implementing 25 rural development projects which favor small producers. Their ambitious goal: to reduce Peru’s rural poverty by half.

US$ 57 Million Agriculture Program to Reduce Rural Poverty by Half in Peru

(Photo: El Comercio)

In order to cut rural poverty in half in the Andean country, Peru’s Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) is carrying out 25 agrarian development projects, focusing on small producers, worth US $ 57 million with international support.

The major projects being implemented include the improvement of water resources management, land titling, technical assistance, connecting farmers with markets, pest and disease control systems, and food security, among others.

With these actions, about 1,000,000 small producers have been able to escape extreme poverty by significantly improving their economic conditions.

Minister José Manuel Hernández said that the sector continues to form new alliances with international cooperatives that will help to further boost these results. “Minagri is currently negotiating 14 new projects worth more than US$ 120 million to promote a prosperous and inclusive agro [activities].”

From 2011 to 2106, various international agencies and cooperatives have financed agricultural projects in Peru for a sum of more than US $ 329 million.

Source: El Comercio

Ambitious projects appear to be under way in Peru’s rural agricultural regions. What do you think of the initiatives?

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