Metallica’s victorious return to Lima

By Hannah Vickers

Metallica played in Lima for the second time yesterday… And it was awesome!

Metallica’s victorious return to Lima

It was a great concert! (Photo: Metallica/Facebook)

Metallica’s return to Lima was loud, tight… and a huge success

I had the privilege of going to the Metallica’s first show since their concert in the San Marcos stadium concert back in 2010. It was the first time that I’d seen Metallica live and it was obvious that they had really pulled out all the stops for the show.

The whole stadium was buzzing with excited fans singing along and cheering. The guitar and bass solos were intense and the set was full of energy, sliding seamlessly from song to song. Some songs climaxed with huge flames bursting several feet into the sky, either side of the stage, or red and white fireworks screeching into the sky, filling the stadium with light and the sky with smoke.

Watching a show like Metallica in a venue like the National Stadium was a memorable experience. As well as being my first Metallica gig, it was also my first time inside the National Stadium, and standing on that huge pitch, surrounded by screaming, excited fans, was an incredible experience.

This concert had a slight twist to it: instead of choosing their own songs, Metallica let their legion of Peruvian fans decide what they would play.

The result was a challenging setlist of the band’s heaviest, most energetic songs – and all chosen exclusively from their first five albums. In an interview with Metallica bassist, Robert Trujillo, who’s been with the band since 2003, he said that the set list was demanding but that it wasn’t beyond them.

“The best thing about Metallica at the moment is that we are trying everything. And this is the beautiful thing. In Lima, we’re going to get onstage and have fun and have a good time with our fans. Yes, I’ve seen the setlist and some songs have never been played live before. But our attitude is ‘come on, we’ll try this.’

The concert started with a cute video explaining that the fans had chosen the setlist (as if anyone there’d be anyone present who didn’t know that). There wasn’t a support act, which was a shame – and so the night started and ended with their two hour set. It would have been better to get warmed up by one or two bands, especially with the steep prices of the tickets.

The fans didn’t seem to need warming up, though. There was a lot of energy and excitement in the street on the way to the stadium. Some fans who couldn’t afford the tickets hung around and moshed and partied outside – the concert was loud enough to be heard clearly in the streets surrounding the stadium.

Occasionally, the band would invite members of the audience to ask them about which song they had voted for as an introduction to the next song. It was probably intended as a fun, interactive experience but it just served to lose the mood a bit and that, coupled with the frequent pauses to bring up the results of the ongoing telephone vote onto the screen and to remind the audience to keep voting, at points gave the concert a kind of game show or reality TV feel.

But that didn’t take away from the electric atmosphere and heavy energy of the show. The band members were sweating from a few minutes in – the guitarist had selotape on his knuckle so he wouldn’t ruin his riffs with a sweat-caused slip – but they didn’t slow down. It was a fast-paced, high-energy show that’s going to stay in the minds of Metallica’s Peruvian fans (and non-Peruvians that were there too!) for a very long time.

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