Marcahuasi website delves into mystery

Agnes Rivera

The son of the Marcahuasi discoverer reveals a new website dedicated to the history and unanswered questions of the large granite rocks.

Marcahuasi website delves into mystery

Marcahuasi (Photo:

In the 1950s, Daniel Ruzo, a Peruvian explorer and philosopher, stumbled upon large granite rocks in the Andes mountains that revealed curious shapes. He would become dedicated to an investigation of Marcahuasi, a plateau east of Lima that, though isolated, has become a favorite for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Flash forward half a century, and his son, Luis Ruzo, has developed a website dedicated to his father’s investigations and the yet to be solved mysteries behind Marcahuasi.

The website,, is still young and yet to be completed, however there are currently three portals for visitors to explore: The History of a Discovery (Daniel Ruzo’s story), Images (in progress), and Marcahuasi and the Cosmos (recent discoveries and information from Luis Ruzo).

With the website, Ruzo hopes the Peruvian government will recognize Marcahuasi as an archaeological site.

Daniel Ruzo proposed that the Marcahuasi ruins were developed by an extremely advanced civilization by the name of Masma, eventually destroyed by a worldwide cataclysm. Modern day mysteries have continued to occur at Marchuasi, including numerous UFO sightings.

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