‘Marca Peru’ wins international marketing award

by Diego M. Ortiz

PromPeru is once again recognized for its advertisement campaigns.

‘Marca Peru’ wins international marketing award

The Peruvian advertisement campaign “Recordarás Peru” won the international category in the 2013 Territorio and Marketing Awards in Zaragoza, Spain. According to the judges, the campaign received first prize for its effectiveness and impact in launching Marca Peru.

“Two years ago we launched our first campaign as Marca Peru and now we’re reaping the rewards,” Aracelly Laca, the Secretary General of PromPeru.

The “Recordarás Peru” campaign was brought to life by Claudia Llosa, a well-known Peruvian director who previously won a “Golden Bear” at the Berlin Film Festival for her movie, “La Teta Asustada.”

The three-minute video that was recognized in Spain tells the story of a middle-aged man in the year 2032 as he watches a video of a trip he made to Peru in the year 2012. In the spot, the younger version of the man is seen exploring every corner of Peru; from the dessert to the jungle, even the mountains.

The ad faced stiff competition from Colombian and Tunisian campaigns that were in the same category. But the judges chose the PromPeru entry due to its “inventiveness and impact” in portraying Peru in a positive light.

This is not the first time that PromPeru has been recognized for its advertisement campaigns. In 2012 its “Marca Peru” also won a Golden Effie Award in the Corporate Image category for a campaign created by Young & Rubicam.

PROMPERÚ “Recordarás Perú” from Ovideo on Vimeo.

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