Lima: Israeli tourist in need of blood donations

Agnes Rivera

The 21-year-old contracted a vicious virus and her family is asking for blood donors to help save their daughter’s life.

Lima: Israeli tourist in need of blood donations

Do you have the blood type to help Zohar Katz? (Photo: Facebook)

A young tourist from Israel has spent the last week in a hospital bed in Lima, Peru after contracting a virus that attacks the circulatory system. Zohar Katz, 21 years old, has been left in critical condition as the virus attacks her red blood cells.

Katz was first hospitalized in Cusco after symptoms of nausea and dizziness hit, reportedly following a stay in Brazil where she was stung. A week later she was transferred to Clinica San Borja in Peru’s capital.

According to Jerusalem Online, she needs “11 units of blood in order to clean her body of the bacteria.” One unit of blood is approximately one pint.

Regulations are preventing many of the Israeli donors from giving blood as doctors are worried the vaccines in their systems will negatively affect Katz’s blood. As a regulation, those vaccinated within the past 6 months are unable to donate blood. As of this morning, 17 Israelis successfully donated blood, enough to get Katz through the day.

Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service, is preparing to fly blood-saving units to Peru in order to save the young patient. However, there are still issues of bureaucracy to deal with, such as obtaining numerous permits.

“As soon as we get the green light from Peru, we are ready to get going,” said MDA director, Eli Bean, as reported by Times of Israel.

Katz is currently accompanied by her father and sister who immediately flew to Peru after hearing of her condition. Is it not yet a possibility for Katz to be flown back to Israel.

If you have any of the following blood types (and have not been vaccinated in the last 6 months or received a tattoo in the past year) you can help: +A, -A, +AB, -AB.
To contact the clinic: 005 116 355 000

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