Lima Hosts FestiTec 2017 to Celebrate Worldwide Internet Day

Mike Dreckschmidt

Novelty meets antiquity in first ever technological convention to be celebrated May 17 and 18 in historic Central Lima.

Lima Hosts FestiTec 2017 to Celebrate Worldwide Internet Day

(Photo: FestiTec/Facebook)

Today and tomorrow the Municipality of Lima will be presenting the debut of FestiTec. The event celebrates Worldwide Internet Day and will include a range of events related to technology and entertainment. It will take place along the boardwalk of the Rimac river known as Parque de la Muralla, or Park of the Wall, in reference to the historic battlements that once surrounded the city of Lima.

The heart of the event will be the exhibitions of the latest in technological advances and services to inform the public about the use and potential of these advances in the coming weeks, months, and years. The stark contrast of such an event with the preserved colonial and Republican era buildings that line the nearby streets serve as a perfect metaphor for Peru as a developing country where opportunity, rapid technological advancement, and history collide.

The event will also include entertaining features such as a Hip-hop and Cosplay competitions, DJs, and much more. For more information on the event please visit the official Facebook page.

Will you be attending the event?

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