Kon Tiki II launches two vessels from Callao Naval Base today

Hillary Ojeda

Kon Tiki II hopes to commemorate the original 1947 expedition and explore how ancient Peruvians sailed.

Kon Tiki II launches two vessels from Callao Naval Base today

Kon Tiki II will launched this morning in Callao. (Photo: El Comercio)

The 1947 expedition named after the Inca sun god Viraocha or Kon-Tiki, is about to be realized again decades later from the port of the Callao Naval Base.

Today, two vessels of the Kon Tiki II expedition will be baptized and launched into the Callao waters to prepare for the official sail date to be Nov. 1 or 2.

The Peruvian Navy and foreign crew will conduct the ceremony this morning that prepares the vessels to sail from the Callao port to the Pascua island of Ecuador.

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On of the captains, Norwegian* Kari Dahl*, told El Comercio about the details of the expedition. The team is baptizing the two vessels to be named Túpac Yupanqui and Rahiti Tane.

The vessels took a month to construct and were built with logs brought from Ecuador. Each vessel will be manned by seven sailors from nine different countries.

“We will sail a total of 5 thousand nautical miles, 2000 of which correspond to the journey to Easter Island,” explained Torgeir Higraff, the second captain of Kon Tiki II, reports El Comercio.

The boats have satellite monitoring and will be driven by the wind, particularly by the current known as the Roaring Fortes.

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