Juntos social program assisted 149,000 new households in 2014

By Hillary Ojeda

The national program strives to provide health services and education to under-resourced women and youth.

Juntos social program assisted 149,000 new households in 2014

(Photo: ANDINA/Difusión)

Andina news agency announced that the National Support Program for Poor, Juntos, provided for 149,587 new households in 2014, after reaching out in regions such as Puno, Cusco, and Piura.

Families in San Martin (27,973), Puno (15,108), Cusco (13,400), and Piura (12,756), receieved cash grants and assistance from the social program, Juntos, for the first time last year. To receive these benefits, the families were asked to meet certain requirements such as sending their kids to school, taking children to health centers regularly, and having pregnant women seek prenatal care from health clinics.

Juntos strives to provide for the most affected by poverty which is overwhelmingly women or young people attending school. Juntos as well requires that parents attend health clinics to receive education on nutrition, health, and hygiene.

In total, Juntos reached 833,836 households (about 1.7 million people) in 2014 providing approximately US$ 290,253,854 in assistance.

For 2015 the Peruvian government has allocated just over US$ 2 billion for its social programs including Juntos, Qaliwarma, Cuna Mas, Pension 65, and others.

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