Humala confirms death of Shining Path leaders

By Diego M. Ortiz

This operation represents a severe and irreversible blow to the Shining Path.

Humala confirms death of Shining Path leaders


Peru’s president, Ollanta Humala, announced on Monday that intelligence reports indicate three terrorists killed during a military ambush are the high command of the Shining Path.

The three men, believed to be Shining Path head, Alejandro Borda Casafranca, a.k.a. Comrade Alipio; second in command Martin Quispe Palomino, a.k.a. Comrade Gabriel; and another man named Comrade Alfonso, were killed in what the president called, a “structured operation in the jungles of Ayacucho by a combined National Police and the Army team in the VRAEM zone.”

“This has been a patient work of intelligence; the work of professionals,” Humala told the press. “The brigade responsible for the attacks is one that we created at the beginning of my administration.”

The president also explained that the armed forces were able to seize a large quantity of weapons, and that they did not suffer any casualties during the operation.

“I want to confirm the good news. Today we can announce to the country the elimination of these three terrorist criminals,” he told TV Peru. “In accordance with our intelligence sources, we can safely determine they were Alipio, Gabriel and Alfonso.”

Humala pointed out that the success of this operation represents a severe and irreversible blow to the Shining Path in the VRAEM zone. He said that the group is now forced to regroup, and that the government will continue this type of actions to end terrorism.

“I would like to congratulate the soldiers and police officers who are giving these hard blows to terrorist delinquents. We will continue our combined work with high probability of success.”

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