Huánuco's Huarguesh pottery is declared Cultural Heritage

Hillary Ojeda

The Ministry of Culture has recognized a local pottery tradition from Huánuco.

Huánuco's Huarguesh pottery is declared Cultural Heritage

Huarguesh or Huarguish, and Punchao Chico have been recognized for their pottery tradition. (Photo: El Comercio archive)

The Ministry of Culture has declared the pottery tradition of Huarguesh or Huarguish and Punchao Chico as Cultural Heritage of the Nation, reports El Comercio.

The Ministry, through the Vice Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries has recognized the knowledge, practices and rituals associated with the pottery production from the communities located in the province and department of Huánuco.

Through the ministerial resolution of N° 183-2015-VMPCIC-MC on Dec. 10, the Ministry of Culture has declared the pottery masters and creators of Quisqui district, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

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According to Diario Correo news portal, “It is an expression of art that has achieved prestige for its characteristics of durability and beauty…”

They continue, “… a product of a unique process of development that has maintained its validity over the years, thanks to the ongoing transformation from generation to generation and efficient use of natural resources for their demonstration.”

Another aspect the Ministry recognized about the district’s pottery was the use of three types of soil: one called raku, soft and clay-like when wet; another called ushia or body, which is dryer and rough; and finally muki, which is reddish in color and they use it like paint before putting the pieces in the oven.

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