Haku Wiñay launches more than 1,200 rural businesses

Hillary Ojeda

Haku Wiñay is a social program that aims to sustain and support the entrepreneurial activities of families in Peru’s provinces.

Haku Wiñay launches more than 1,200 rural businesses

The project helped raise businesses in 20 regions of Peru. (Photo: Andina/Difusión)

With lucrative activities such as livestock and handicrafts, rural households of Peru are productive, but often lacking the monetary resources to boost business.

With the aid of a program under the Cooperation Fund for Social Development (FONCODES) more than one thousand family households in Peru have flourished household activities into profitable enterprises.

The program, Haku Wiñay functions as a project under FONCODES of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) and within the framework of National Development Strategy and Social Inclusion, reports Andina news agency.

Since 2012 to date, Haku Wiñay has helped launch about 1,200 inclusive rural businesses in 20 regions all over Peru. With an investment of S/. 8 million the program has worked with 5,211 household chiefs to create functioning businesses from domestic activites.

Household activities include farming, livestock, and handicrafts, among others.

Last year Dona Celsa Escobar Quispe, Paucará District, Huancavelica, competed with a team of three others to obtain a qualification for the program, and won.

They obtained funding of S/. 7,950 to build a chicken shed and receive traning in production and marketing. They now have 140 laying hens and produce 840 eggs a week, reports Andina news agency.

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